Why Are Buyers Looking for Foreclosures in The Villages?

Everyday I get requests for homes that are on the market in The Villages that are foreclosures.  We are currently in the beginning of our busiest market in the last three years and we have Buyers galore looking for homes and villas for sale and the first statement the Buyer states is I want a deal!  Let’s look at Foreclosures.

Welcome to The Villages!  The Friendliest town in Florida which offers an incredible lifestyle along with great weather for folks who are looking for a place to call home when they retire or just to have in their 50’s.  Golf courses with FREE golf, recreation centers, swimming pools,
Golf cart community and activities galore are what mature active adults are looking for to enjoy their life.  The Villages offers all of this for a small monthly fee.

Most people are cash buyers because the price tags are relatively inexpensive compared to markets they are coming from and they do not want a mortgage payment. Thus, they cannot be foreclosed.  They do not have a mortgage payment.

Of course, there are a few homes where there is a mortgage, and the neighbors who are investors realize the value of owning a home in The Villages, they are the first ones to jump on the distress sale.  In other words, it does not make it to a public foreclosure.

Yes, we do have a few foreclosures on the market.  If they are still on the market the day after being placed on the market, usually it is priced too high or needs plenty of fixing up.  Rarely do they last long.  We have a very active Buyer market, selling as many as 400 homes a month.

With this in mind, you are not the only one looking at this home and if you want to buy it, you must be an aggressive Buyer. I have made it a practice to teach Buyers looking for “the deal” to be successful in their distress purchase.  Practice patience and you to might get a great deal here in The Villages!

Written by Crystal McCall

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